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Welcome to the Anime Characters Database Wiki

This site was started with the idea to index thousands of anime characters commonly found on the Internet using visual traits like eye color, hair color, hair length, age, gender, and whether or not they had animal ears.

Our core content is made up of characters from nearly any animated source. We began with a narrow focus on pure Japanese content like anime, visual novels and h-game characters. However, that all changed in 2018 when we decided to embrace all animated characters, since the love of animation is not limited to just Japanese anime.

We have always been a rather niche site, with only one programmer, and a variable team of extremely helpful and amazing content moderators.

Each year has seen the addition of new and entertaining features added to ACDB because I love the challenge of seeing if I can code something into existence. Please continue reading below to see individual features explained.


- Main guild page

Guilds are places where people can talk together, post forums, pictures, compete to own specific characters by using guild coins and more.

Guild Coins

- Owned Characters

Guild coins are used in order to own certain characters. Sometimes a character doesn't have too many guilds fighting for it and sometimes there's a lot of guilds fighting for one specific character so it really varies. Once you join a guild you can see what characters your guild owns and how many coins it has by going to the guild coins link and for the characters scrolling down past the characters and hitting the view all button.


- Your Account

Jewels can be seen next to your name just past the random, anime, male, female, smash to pass, and menu buttons. Jewels can be used to buy cards and can be gotten by going to specific pages and opening treasure chests that give jewels or jewels and a card. You can also level up your hunter's license (for treasure chests) off of getting a treasure chest and scrolling down. You can currently buy up to S rank allowing for 200 chests per day with jewels. If you become a patreon supporter then you are able to get SS rank allowing an infinite number of chests a day.


- Your Cards

While treasure hunting, visiting pages for daily tasks, and using .cardpack before getting any cards in any chatroom you can get cards. You can hold up 10000 cards all ranging in how rare each card is for the sets. If you don't want certain cards you can sell them by hitting trade and putting a price next to the card you want to sell in the box on the right. Remember 1 = 1 red jewel, 100 = 1 blue jewel, 10000 = 1 diamond, and 1000000 = 1 crystal.

Rank and Promotion

- Your Account

Your rank is determined based on how long since you've registered on the site. Every 1 week you'll receive a pm which when clicked on will inform you that you advanced a rank. You can see your rank after your name and after your award if you set one.

Epic Ranks

- Epic ranks

Epic ranks are mostly based on how long you've been on the site and replaces your promotional rank.


- Forums

Forums are a place to discuss things by each section. They differ slightly from forums from guilds as these are forums anyone can use. Whenever someone posts a new post in any forum a green ball will light up next to that forum. This is also based off when you joined the site so that any new posts from then will have the green ball next to them at that point.


- All awards and how to get them

Awards are things you can earn by doing specific things on the site like opening chests, getting quiz questions correct and much more. You can set an award to be on your profile by going to your account, then going to the my profile link and hitting select next to an award you received.


- Your account
- Achievements

Achievements can be gotten to by clicking on the view profile link off this page and scrolling down to where it says (your name)'s achievements. There you can click the blue check box and see if you can get an achievement based on the condition. If you satisfy the condition it will give you the achievement. You can also get to achievements from the 2nd link.


- Level Up!

Levels help to show which areas you are involved in. To level up any stat you need 10 of whatever the stat is so if you open 10 treasure chests then treasure would be level 1. Similarly if you collect 10 cards then your level will be 1 for cards and so on.

- Sponsored with ♥
- Sponsored with Jewels

Sponsored Pages are pages that people sponsor to show their appreciation for the site, where it shows their name and a dollar amount. Sponsor withjewels has recently been added to try to figure out which pages everyone on the website feels like is valuable to them. It's important to note that the amount of jewels spent is not subtracted from your account and is mainly used as a basis to see which pages are useful to all of us.

Who Board

- Who board

The Who board is used by visitors and occasionally members on the site to try to find a specific character that they can't find. They provide a link that we can use to attempt to find the character they are looking for. When answering on the who board it's best to say the character's full name and the series they come from just in case there's a similar character name from an entirely different series.


- Sandbox

The sandbox is used when editing anything and needs approval before it gets updated on the main site. This link will go to your sandbox and anything you are currently working on.

Waifu / Husbando

- My Waifu
- My Husbando

My Waifu/ Husbando is used for any characters that you go to and click either My Waifu or My Husbando. After 1 is added you can increase their happiness by talking to them 4 times a day, using items on them from a box that says click here, and giving them essences that you make from cards. You generally need 100 happiness in order to claim them for yourself while a 15 minute timer ticks down to where another person with 100 happiness for that character can claim them for 15 minutes and so on. You may be able to claim them for yourself for longer if the character is not as popular and thus doesn't have as many people competing for them.

Imouto / Onii-chan

- My Imouto
- My Onii-chan

My Imouto/ Onii-chan is used for any characters that you click My Imouto or My Onii-chan. After you add them you can increase their happiness by talking to them 4 times a day, using items on them from a box that says click here, and giving them essences that you make from cards. Unlike My Waifu they can be claimed without any worry about battles. This was previously changed from when before it was similar to My Waifu and Husbando. This is mainly used for characters that you think would be a good brother or sister, or characters that you really like but don't fully love.

Mini Avvi

- Mini Avatar

This is the mini icon you use for chatrooms and must be size 125x125. It can be hard to make but there are free websites online (some better than others) that can help to take a normal size image and downsize it if you want to fit the size that way. You can also make your own image in that size but remember the site rules and make it be appropriate for anyone using the site.

Waifu/Husbando Badges

- Waifu Badges
- Husbando Badges

This is a page where you can make a badge that you can use on other sites as a cool banner type thing. You can make from the default choices or you can find some that people have created using characters that you clicked My Waifu or My Husbando for. You can choose up to 4 Waifus or Husbandos to show on the badge. You can choose a background based on which Waifu or Husbando you choose with a list of badges based on who you've chosen below. You can also use the image function for a specific Waifu or Husbando under the Would you like to make a custom background? area and then clicking the images next to that character. You then can choose from an image and choose which part of the image to use for the badge either being the center or the top of the image.


- Main Lounge
- Living Room

These are used to talk to others on the site. There are many different lounges from guilds and ones that are main ones on the site like the Main Lounge and Living Room lounge. If you join a guild with a common interest to you simply click on lounge from the main guild page and if one has been made it'll send you to that guild's lounge area.

Love / Hate

- Random character
- My characters

This is used for you to be able to show if you love or hate a character. For any character just under their name and to the right there are several icons here. The red heart is loving a character and the black heart is for hating a character. You can keep track of which characters you love and hate under my characters.

Vote Up / Down

- Random character
- My characters

This is used for characters that you feel less strongly about generally speaking. You can also vote a character up that you love but this allows for characters that you think are good characters or bad characters. So not as strong in the sense that you hate this character but that you personally think they are a bad character. Or vice versa you think it's a character that you enjoy and thought was a good character. This is also kept track of in my characters.


- My characters

This is used for characters that were your favorite characters out of the series. It will generally be more limited than character you like since not every character you think was good is your favorite character. This is also kept track of in my characters.

Extra Details

These are details about the character like their birthday, blood type, whether they are from an anime, video game, etc., their voice actor or voice actors, height, weight, and other statistics like that. These are good for knowing more about the character in addition to the summary about the character (though beware of spoilers for the summaries if you haven't seen/played the series)


These tell who the character is related to in terms of family, friends, rankings in some cases, who they are in love with, etc.. These are good to know about a character's family, friends, etc. Again these can contain spoilers if in the anime, game, etc. it's not revealed until way later but these usually aren't as much of a spoiler depending on what type of anime/game/etc. it is.


A place for you to post anything you want to say about a character while also being respectful. Ideally you probably shouldn't comment more than once unless it's extremely important for whatever reason to do so. A comment can be up to 140 characters long so use that space wisely. General comments about a character are allowed but fun comments about a character are always appreciated. As of now the top 7 comments are shown on the site with members being able to vote on comments they like or don't like. In cases where there are 7 or less comments they will currently all be featured.

Air Time

- Spring 2018

The currently airing anime and possibly games for each season. This can be a great way to see which anime are releasing. Lately it seems like a lot of anime is coming out compared to only around a year or 2 ago.


- Watching
- Watch

On any anime/game page next to status you can click a box that has several options for watching/stopped/watched/interested/playing/played/reading/read. This helps you to keep track of if you've already watched something and helps you to not forget to watch any series. The link above leads to any anime that you added to your watching list.