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There are several tools that can help you maintain a list of anime you are currently watching.

Anime Planner[edit]

This one includes all the features we offer. In both a simplified chart, and a detailed Edit mode.

Default View 1-97005801.png

Edit View 1-1819465784.png


This one attempts to recreate a weekday + weekend planner with easy increment / decrement options. It is important to assign a day to each series for it to work best. And keep the Status updated as to remove completed or dropped series.


Watching Pickup[edit]

This tool allows you to quickly view a season at a glance, and with one click add it to your watching list.


AJAX Watching[edit]

This mini tool can be activated by clicking the pda.png icon.


Watching Dump[edit]

In the event you want something terminal friendly, this tool has you covered. It'll need your UID to work though.


Mobile Watching[edit]

Similar to AJAX Watching, maybe a little nicer?