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Members may claim characters as their Waifu or Husbando. This begins a mini game where you battle with other members. Only one member may have an active claim. NTR happens when you steal another member's Waifu or Husbando.

How To Claim[edit]

From the character profile click More


and look for this section


Clicking Claim Mai Waifu! will add them to your waifu list with 0 happiness.

You can only claim a character if your happiness is equal or greater than the current claim holder.

There is a claim protection time of 5 minutes.

The maximum happiness is 100%.

Happiness is increased by claiming a character, Talking with the character, giving the character gifts, using items.

Happiness decreases by 1 every day at midnight.



Each day you can claim 3 new random items.

  • Reclaim All

You can use this to in bulk claim all of your waifu's if their happiness is greater than or equal to whoever currently has them.

  • Give Lucky Gift

This must be used from Gift mode with a character. Increases happiness by +50 for one waifu to a maximum of 100.

  • Party!

Increases happiness by +5 for all waifu to a maximum of 100.

  • V-Day Flowers

Reclaims a waifu and sets Happiness to 125 for the day. NTR count is reset to 0.

Gifts to Increase Happiness[edit]

One way to increase the happiness of your Waifu is by crafting and giving gifts to them.

From your Waifu List click the gift.png Gift Icon to enter gift mode.

The simplest Gift is to click Talk. By talking with your Waifu their happiness increases by 1. This can be repeated only a few times per character per day.

Gifts require a Name, and a Cards Essence. If you do not have any, you may like to do some quick Treasure Hunting then use the Essence Extractor.

Secret Gifts[edit]

  • NTR Count Reset

Resets NTR count for the character to 0. E Rank or higher essence required.

  • True Love

Requires a S Rank or greater essence. Will make this character as your favorite. May have only one favorite.

  • NTR Count Reset ALL

Requires a S Rank or greater essence. Will reset the NTR count for all of your characters.


There are 6 status variables.

- date_first: Timestamp of your first claim
- date_last: Timestamp of your latest claim
- status1: Counter for times NTR'd. The SUM() of all of these represents your Level.
- status2: 0|1 NTR|SAFE
- status3: longest time together
- status4: total time together
- status6: happiness, ranges from -100 to 100, with 125 highest exception

Longest and total time together are updated when a character is NTR'd. While a character is safe, they are calculated by adding the length of your current session to total time together. And by comparing the length of the current session to the longest session on record, preferring whichever is longer.