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source.php requires an ID, and is the main content page for all titles in the database.

The general layout is as follows:

First prompting people to help improve the page by contributing any crucial missing information.

  • No main character or protagonist assigned
  • No voice actors assigned to characters
  • No Wikipedia links provided
  • No assigned characters

Next is the frame header, which include the title and a link to most viewed titles this month

Admins will see a Show Admin Tools toggle at the top of the content frame. Clicking this expands links to

  • - Edit Character Assignments in Franchise -
  • Adopt this series
  • Toggle completed status
  • Set an image rating
  • Set a Parent ID
  • Add quotes to Subtitle Project

After this is the Feels panel where one can click to assign various feels felt from this title.

Members can add the title to their favorites or watching list using the next set of forms.