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Make sure to carefully read as the rules as the infractions listed below will lead to the revoking of your privileges or a ban.

  • No spam
  • No NSFW
  • No hate (sexism, racism, etc.)
  • No gambling
  • No hacking/warez/cracking
  • No 1337 speak
  • No disrespecting admins
Please use English to comment. Although we are welcoming of all cultures and languages, please refrain from using anything other than English, not everyone can understand multiple languages.
Fun and friendly to everyone
The site is to be fun for everyone. Do not purposefully offend or ridicule people, nor use the comment section or the public lounges for personal discussions, if you wish to do so, use the PM system or private lounges.
No foul language
Refrain from using swear words or slurs as form of communication. While we don't ban self expression by the use of expletives, they will get filtered. There are around 100.000+ words in the English language, be creative!
Politics and Religion
Refrain from commenting or discussing about religious or political topics, those can bring sensitivities and unnecessary in-fighting.
Be interesting!
If you don't have anything constructive to say, think about something fun and interesting and come back to comment or chat in the lounges, we'll be happy to read.
If you have a question about a character, you can either ask at the Who board, visit the Main Lounge, the Living Room or ACDB Help.
Remember that your comments are public
Be mindful with what you write.

Minimally, be a decent human being, don't be offensive for the purpose of being edgy, and don't act like this is your local barnyard. We are mainly adults here, we expect all to behave as such.

Member Generated Content Rules[edit]

Keep in mind that these rules apply to the Character Comments, Character Details, Descriptions, 6 Word Reviews and all member generated content in this website.

The exact same general website Rules are to be applied here, with added sections:

No headcanons

We are not a fanfiction writing community, although your headcanons are valid, they need to be contained within your own personal groups and lounges or guilds. Information on the website is to be official and precise, in doubt of the validity, do not submit it. Don't take fan wikis at face value, verify if any official source has the same information.

No in-fighting

Comments, profiles, and other member input information are not a place to take jabs at other members or admins. Be respectful and keep your insatisfaction to yourself, or get help from admins if you're being bullied. Competition in games, leaderboards and rankings should be fun and stimulating, if you seethe hate from being out gamed in a competitive situation, please don't make your anger issues public by lashing out to others.

No questions

Character comments, profiles, reviews and the likes are not places to ask questions about the characters, as they will not be answered.

If you have a question about a character or series, you can either ask at the Who board, visit the Main Lounge, the Living Room or ACDB Help.

Don't make redundant statements

Try not to make one word statements in reviews/character comments. We all want to read interesting things about characters or nice reviews with detailed information. Simple is best at most times, but taking minimal effort to present something nice to others is what gives out the best results for everyone.

Keep spoilers hidden

Though we understand that it is near impossible to ban spoilers from the platform, try keeping it at a minimum. Extra details, character/title descriptions, comments, reviews, etc., if possible, hide under a spoiler tag.

Check here to learn how to use BBCode to hide spoilers

Don't lash out at moderation

The moderation team is chosen by efficiency and merit. We are capable of judging what would and wouldn't be harmful for the community and the database with our actions, constantly nagging with moderators and administrators to reconsider your rejected input will only bring further unnecessary strife. While you're free to protest, we are also free to refuse explaining ourselves over and over.

Try not to make mods and admins angry, we are the ones with full control over accepting or rejecting your input content, as well as revoking privileges and banning.