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We assign subtitles to characters in our database, and use them as Quotes. Quotes will appear randomly on character profiles. Members have the option to favorite quotes. You can search our Quotes Database.

Quote Lists[edit]

Members are welcome to create their own collections of Quotes using the Quote List feature. Find a quote you like, and add it to your list.

Audio Quotes[edit]

We also offer an arrange of audio quotes of each character we are processing at the moment. Quotes are added when an episode of anime is indexed. Each episode provides us with a certain amount of quotes in which our team assigns to every single character that appears in an individual episode. Some characters, such as main characters, usually have more audio quotes assigned to them.

Due to the sheer amount of workload, our team will focus on certain episodes rather than an entire series. You can accompany each episode quote release by reading the news section.