Privileges Revoked

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Moderators may revoke specific account privileges should a member be found to be abusing them.

Editing Characters[edit]

Members that edit characters with no logical reasoning behind it or without official information to back it up will have their editing priviledges blocked.

Character details are NOT to be edited for personal opinion.

Extra Details[edit]

Frequently adding improperly formatted extra details will result in a block.

Character of the Day/Week/Month Voting[edit]

Alt accounts are not allowed to be used for competitive voting.

Waifu Claiming[edit]

Accounts found to be maintaining claims 24 hours a day will be suspected of being scripted bots, and will earn a temporary block.

Alt accounts are not allowed to be used for competitive features.

Restoring Privileges[edit]

Any moderator can restore your privileges at any time.

For Moderators[edit]

List of affected members

Privileges can be managed via account profiles. To change a duration, click Restore then select the new duration.

The restoring of the priviledges should come after the member in question has stopped the offending behavior.