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Family Tree is the replacement for the Waifu Game, now instead of going to war with other suitors for your waifu, you can make a family and develop a good relationship with them instead. The new system also merges Imouto and Onii game into one, making a huge game for you to choose what type of relationship you have with each character, with 19 set selections of relationship and an extra option for you to input your own.

Adding a Character to Your Family Tree[edit]

To add a character to your family tree, all you need is to search for the character and choose from one of the drop down options


Adding Custom Relations[edit]

First add the character with an "Other" relation, you'll be instantly redirected to the Family Tree page. After finding the character you wish to change relations, click at the timestamp


From there you can type in the boxes whichever relation you desire, after you save the label they'll be applied to that character.


Removing a Character[edit]

To remove a character simply choose the "Remove" button and confirm the action.

Character Happiness[edit]

To grow your character's happiness you have two options: giving gifts and chatting.


Gifts work in a market-like operation. They that can be bought with jewel that you obtain by collecting cards and extracting their essence[1].

By clicking on the gift link option, right next to the character's profile you're taken to the gift market, where all gifts approved by our mods are listed. Each gift will have a price and happiness effect. Gifts will increase happiness by +5%



You can chat now infinitely with your chosen character. By clicking on the timestamp, you'll be redirected to the character's page in your family tree, from there you can choose the dialog options and interact with them. Each interaction will add a +1 in happiness for the character.

We are on the look for more dialogue options. Help us write even more fun dialogues.

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