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This Guide will be expanded to cover every type of duplicate and give you an idea what to do, using examples.

New Version[edit]

  • No Duplicate
  • Update the character's thumb and image to use the new appearance
  • Use additional images to reflect the old appearance on the old title

There's a growing trend of remaking 90's anime with new art styles. When this happens, do not make a duplicate. Instead link the character to the new title, then use an additional image to show the new art style.

1-1267480694.jpg 68768-1366711389.jpg

Parody Series[edit]

  • Duplicate

In the case of Sailor Moon h-game, I think it best to have a degree of separation between the parody and official characters.

42711-372966415.jpg 5688-249880036.jpg

Personality Change[edit]

  • Duplicate, depending on extent

I found Evil Phase Iruma to be a new character in their own right.

13495-1213990953.jpg 1-168114157.jpg

Hero Costumes[edit]

  • No Duplicate

Saitama / Caped Baldy, Izuku Midoriya / Deku and others like them, I do not feel need duplicates or any special actions. You can use Aliases to note their Hero name, and Additional Images to show their normal and hero appearances.

8148-928176644.jpg 33496-267002366.jpg

Secret Identities[edit]

  • Duplicate

When the Hero intends to hide who they are, it may be best to add a duplicate. Such as Darien Shields / Tuxedo Mask

22386-1789048585.jpg 22386-204749765.jpg

Cross Franchise[edit]

  • Avoid duplicates

There's no easy answer here. Take the whole Fate franchise for example. Multiple characters appearing in multiple series across multiple time lines. To the extent possible, avoid duplicates. Upload a character to the first title they appeared in, then link them to each title they appear in. Changing the image as required.


Possession / Soul Transfer[edit]

  • Temporary, no duplicate
  • Permanent, duplicate

Child / Teen / Adult[edit]

  • Duplicate

When there are major age changes in a character, add a duplicate and mark it as (Child) or (Adult) after their name. Cases like Naruto and Goku.

5688-1674579212.jpg 5688-1946301974.jpg 11498-1610726849.jpg


  • Duplicate, depending on extent

When characters have a Human form and a Dragon form, it's fine to add both. When their normal form and transformed form have roles as different as Sailor Moon and Usagi Tsukino, add a duplicate. However, when the transformation is short or insignificant, a duplicate is not required.

5688-671709151.jpg 5688-1642160377.jpg


  • No duplicate

We all know Loid Forger is a spy with a hundred faces. No, we do not need all of them added to the database!


No Major Trait Differences[edit]

  • No duplicate
  • Index additional images

Japan sure loves their evil eyes.


Mecha Characters[edit]

  • Different animation style

Only acceptable with extreme differences in between animation styles. If the mecha character only changes slightly, no need for a clone, an additional image would be proper.