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With more than a million visits a month both on desktop and mobile, ACDB is the perfect place for your ads!


The focus of our business in on anime, games and manga characters.

Due to the large range of these genres, ACDB can offer you space to display your content to a wide gamma of people from all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and preferences.

How to advertise with us[edit]

Try sending us an email.

In your message, please provide us with information about your company and the type of ad you plan on advertising with us.

Owner, President, CEO: Rei

Chief Administrative Officer: RinaK

We are also active on social media![edit]

Though preferable through email exchange, we also accept business inquiries via private messaging. Feel free to contact us through X or Instagram!

Rates and Information[edit]

Our current available ad spaces are the following:

Footer ad: 300x250pixels (png, gif, or text) - Under 1MB - $30/month

Header ad: 75x75pixels (png, gif, or text) - Under 1MB - $30/month




Add performance can be viewed here. Each campaign is assigned a unique id. Clicks and views per day are recorded.