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Basic Rules[edit]

  • Please do not attempt to add a title unless you also intend to add characters to it.
  • Titles will be rejected for incomplete information, lack of relevance to anime, and lack of good quality characters that can be indexed.
  • Titles that have a proper English and Japanese title, are not duplicate or annoyingly redundant, have a correctly formatted date ( YYYY/MM/DD ), decent cover image, and a home page URL are usually pretty safe to add to the database.
  • Broken home page links, missing cover images and malformed dates, are top priority to reject'.

How to Add a Title[edit]

There are a few approaches you can take.

Then while Indexing, in the From field, enter the name of the new series, and provide the home page URL or a link to find the series details.


The most standard way of adding a new title is through the "Anime" tab on the main menu and clicking on "Add a Title". After that you will be redirected to fill out a form and set the basic information for the new title. Be sure to not add duplicates by searching both the English title and Japanese title with the search function first.

Common Name[edit]

This is to address cases where while the Japanese title can be translated to English, the game or anime is commonly known as the Romaji title. As anime sometimes use English translation, other times Romaji, and most H-Games that lack an official English translation will nearly always go by their Romaji title, this section addresses both situations as Common Name will be treated as the default / main title.

Fill it in with the most popular usage of the series' name.

English Title/Romaji Title[edit]

Your title must have at least the English title. When the title is about an animated series that does not have Japanese origin, it is fine to leave the options: "Japanese Title", "Furigana" and "Romaji Title" blank. In cases where it is a western animation or any type of animation out of Japan, simply imput the original language's title on the "Japanese Name" section or ignore.

Release Date[edit]

Your title absolutely needs to have a release date, or it will be rejected. We cannot accept member titles without set release dates, as we cannot keep track of every single release's date.


Same as with "Romaji/Japanese Title", this part can be ignored if the animation studio of the title is not from Japan or if is of western origin. English studios need to be imput, or else the title will be invalid and deleted.

Media Type[edit]

ACDB is focused on animated media but not exclusively set on rejecting every type of animated character's origin. We offer an array of media types, in which will be described in detail and with added rules on certain types of media.

  • Anime: Any type of animated media produced by Japan or by a Japanese animation studio.
  • Video Game: Any type of video game character, which most of the time are animated per se.
  • Visual Novel: While not always animated, VNs are part of Anime culture, being elligible for acceptable titles.
  • Manga: We will only accept manga characters in color. ACDB is a visual database, we need the visual cues for the search, or else the character will be hidden from the search, making it impossible to be traced to by characteristics. With that in mind, we may refrain from adding manga titles or take more time to accept them.

Manga characters with officially colored panels are acceptable, fanart will be rejected on sight.

  • Hentai Game: Same as Video Game media, hentai games can be indexed if properly censored or cropped. Explicit sexual content with no censorship will be deleted on sight.
  • Artist CG: These types of Doujinshi titles will be only accepted with fully filled information. Refrain from adding too many of these titles and only original character' CGs.
  • Movie: Animated movies, be them of Japanese origin or not. Western animated movies with anime style are prefered, as to keep content consistent and relevant.
  • Franchise: Franchises are only to be accepted after Rei's approval. Do not try to submit a franchise title without permission, this includes moderator submissions.
  • Western Animation: any type of media with animated characters, again, with anime style as a preference.

Other Alternatives[edit]

New Title as Member
New Title as Moderator