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Moderating the Who Board ranges from the simple to the complex. Let's start with the basics.


Marking a Post Solved[edit]

Under the reply, select an appropriate amount of XP, and click Mark Solved. XP can be assigned to multiple people. XP can be removed by clicking the Remove XP link.

Deleting Threads[edit]

Entire threads can be deleted by clicking the stock_delete.png button. This will remove all replies, and lastly the thread.

Deleting Replies[edit]

On the left hand side of the post, click the Delete button.

Internal Links[edit]

At the top of the thread, you can easily enter in the ID of the character or series and click Assign. This will then place a nifty thumbnail and link for easy identification.


The Who Board has long been the primary target of spammers. The anonymous ones, we deal with as follows:


The LAME Filter, name borrowed from Slashdot. Any post containing a word on this list will be blocked from posting. You can Add a New Word here. Once added, scroll down to the end of the list and click Activate. The idea is to carefully look over SPAM posts for any word or phrase that would never, ever, be used in the context of asking for help identifying an anime character.

IP Blocking[edit]

IP's on this list will be prevented from many anonymous posts. You can add one manually by typing in their IP in the field next to Block IP.

There is also a Block IP button on replies that begins a confirm process.

1-1341321395.jpg 1-599185392.jpg

Account Banning[edit]

Some spammers will register accounts and use those to spam. In this case, this post is to be deleted and their account banned permanently. From their profile, click Ban, select Duration Forever, and enter in SPAM as the reason.

Moderation Tools[edit]

These are entirely optional, and can be found at the end of any thread.

  • Image:
  • Name:
  • From:
  • Ref:
  • Not in database:
  • Broken link:
  • Dup ID:
  • Character ID:
  • Source ID:

You have the option to upload the image that was linked. This can be useful as a way of preserving the context of the answer. But since posts now only last 7 days, there's little point any more. Same for the Broken Link - it would be better to delete the thread. Really, not a single thing here that has a point any more. I may just drop the section.