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Write Test Latest

Welcome to the beginning of what may become the World's Largest Collectively Written Dating Sim Game!

The idea is to replace (Talk) with a vast number of dialog options that trigger lines tailored to your Waifu / Husbando / Imouto / Onii-chan. This is a project too large for any one person to do, but together with your help we can make it a reality.

Writing Lines

You can help by contributing lines to the project!



The main options are

  • M
  • F
  • X

For Male, Female, non-gender specific. This is a text field, so you can write in any non-binary gender as well.


We are using this chart for 53 personalities, plus Default which can be used when the line is not specific to a particular personality.



This will be the label for the button. What you say to your waifu. Please keep it short ( under 64 characters ).


This can be used for further categorizing your lines. In fact, it would be possible to personalize lines using tags, or tailor them to a specific character.


The line your Waifu / Husbando / Imouto / Onii will say.


To make things dynamic, and more personalized the following variables can be used within lines, but not triggers:

  • MEMBER_NAME will be replaced with your User Name
  • CHARACTER_NAME will be replaced with the Character's romaji name
  • RANDOM_WAIFU_NAME will be replaced with a random waifu/husbando name from your list ( excluding the current character )

Editing Lines

Clicking on a line from Latest will bring up an editor. When it is your line, you can edit or delete it. The delete button is location below the editor - it will confirm and then remove the line.

Using Lines

Anyone can contribute lines. Moderators will edit and approve lines. And then?

The game will present you with available Triggers that match your filters. In general, I'm thinking you would select a gender and personality. And then tags to further narrow down the lines.

Clicking a Trigger would then return a random matching line and increase Happiness by +1.


State of Waifu Lines as of Feb 9

We're live! Lines written can immediately be used by all members. Right now we're looking for people to try this out, and share feedback on how it should develop. This is merely the very beginning of something I hope will bring you daily enjoyment for years to come!

Moderation currently is limited to deleting lines.

Going forward, lines will need to be approved before ending up in circulation. Mods can start approving lines now.

State of Waifu Lines as of Feb 9

Interface updates. Now with 21 triggers, a way was needed to reduce clutter while still giving easy access to the full list.

I went with a js+css pager where you can flip though 5 at a time.

The next update will be on the chat history. I'd like to move it to the top and make use of the character's thumbnail and the member's small avatar, somehow.