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Welcome to the beginning of what may become the World's Largest Collectively Written Dating Sim Game!

The idea is to replace (Talk) with a vast number of dialog options that trigger lines tailored to your Waifu / Husbando / Imouto / Onii-chan. This is a project too large for any one person to do, but together with your help we can make it a reality.

Write Test Latest

Writing Lines


The main options are

  • M
  • F
  • X

For Male, Female, non-gender specific. This is a text field, so you can write in any non-binary gender as well.


We are using this chart for 53 personalities, plus Default which can be used when the line is not specific to a particular personality.



What is a trigger? Think of it as the label for the button. We've had a Talk button, but now I want to give you more options. And those options are what I am calling triggers.


This can be used for further categorizing your lines.


The line your Waifu / Husbando / Imouto / Onii will say.