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We maintain a database of voice actors and actresses that can be assigned to characters. We also have a few tools for exploring the voice actors in a given series, as well as seeing all characters and series a person has worked on. https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/va.php https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/voiceactorsin.php?id=106015 https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/va.php?va_id=4907

Assigning a Voice Actor


Moderators should use the voice actors section of edit character. Usually, searching for the Japanese or Romaji version of the CV's name will bring up an entity that can be assigned to the character.

Formatting of the name can make it hard to get a match, so try various forms of the name ( Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji ) and also try changing the spaces on the Kanji before creating a new voice actor. If they are quite famous, it may help looking at another character they voiced to see how the name is in the DB.

Should they be completely new, fill out the add new voice actor form with as many versions of the name as you can.

Primary Name: Kaede Hondo Name 2 : 本渡楓 Name 3 : ほんど かえで Language : Japanese


There are two systems members can use to assign a voice actor to a character.

The first found on Edit Character is CV. When a character has one voice actor, you can enter their common name in the CV field and a moderator will handle the assignment.

Another option is the Extra Details system.

-Voice Actors: Voice actors/actresses and character voices (CV) are added to extra details if the actor(s)/actress(es) are not already in the character profile. "Actor" is used for both genders for uniformity purposes. If a character has more than one voice actor for a single language (e.g. a character was voiced by two different English-speaking actors in different seasons), adding a specification to the end of the detail is acceptable (e.g. Wendee Lee (Season 2) ). -EN Voice Actor: This is used for English voices. -JP Voice Actor: This is used for Japanese voices. -ES Voice Actor: This is used for Spanish voices. -FR Voice Actor: This is used for French voices. -IT Voice Actor: This is used for Italian voices. -KO Voice Actor: This is used for Korean voices. -PT Voice Actor: This is used for Portuguese voices (including Brazilian Portuguese). -DE Voice Actor: This is used for German voices. -CA Voice Actor: This is used for Catalan voices. -RU Voice Actor: This is used for Russian voices. -For ones not listed here, use the two-letter code from the 639-1 column on the ISO 639 Wikipedia page.

Adding a new Voice Actor

Different Systems

The primary system ( VA ) is accessible only to moderators. The legacy system ( CV ) is still available to members. It is a text field on a character's profile, and the name of their voice actor may be entered there. The third system is ( Extra Details ) where you can assign multiple voice actors for a moderator to review.