Tickets and Warnings

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We have a Ticketing system that is intended to notify users of rule violations, and make note of the circumstances so that when the user in question goes to another admin to complain, that other admin can get quickly up to speed on the situation. Hint: don't bother another admin expecting a different result. =P

Moderators will find the Ticket link on member profile's. These have 4 levels.

flag-green.png = All Good, no Tickets
flag-yellow.png = Notice Issued at some point
flag-red.png = Warning Issued at some point
flag-black.png = DOOMED, Final Warning Issued and user was dealt with
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When issuing a ticket, moderators can:

  • Enter a message for the member
  • Enter a message for other moderators
  • Select a warning level

Messages to the member will be sent as a site alert ( yes this means empty messages ! ). Consider explaining what they did wrong, or the nature of the warning. The Alert is sent as Anime Characters Database. Messages to other moderators will appear in the Ticket log visible only to other moderators.