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==Extra Details==
==Extra Details==
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Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation

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This page will be used to define and clarify various standards on the database.

Character Traits

The only reason to set Other Char is when a character needs to be excluded from the visual search for a particular reason. Any humanoid character you can index fully should be set to Normal.

Game/Non Anime-Style Animation will be dropped, and instead inherited from the title's Media Type


Adult sexual content is not allowed. Images that are inappropriate for minors are to be flagged as Questionable or NSFW.

Character Tags

To be used for visual features, and things that can be implied from visual features.

  • bow,archer

Non-visual tags, should be added via the Extra Detail system.

Extra Details


Sexual Orientation

  • homosexual: used when the character is attracted to their own sex (gay and lesbian characters)
  • bisexual: used when the character is attracted to the opposite sex as well as their own
  • pansexual: used when the character is attracted to another regardless of gender
  • asexual: used when the character has a lack of sexual attraction to others