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There are a lot of different search tools on ACDB. Finding the right one can be a challenge. I hope to make that easier by listing and describing various search tools here.

Characters by Name[edit]

Search 2[edit]

  • Romaji Name Only
  • Match Left
  • Match Right
  • Match Left and Right
  • Exact Match
  • Order By ( Alphabetical, Popularity, ID, Random )
  • Trait Filter
  • Can add directly to favorites
  • When two names are provided, will repeat the search automatically with reverse name order on no matches.

Search ACDB[edit]

  • Treats each word as a keyword, will return results matching one or more names.
  • Searches all 4 names fields ( Romaji, Nickname, Japanese, Furigana )
  • Trait Filter

Rapid Search[edit]

  • Results displayed as you type.
  • Matches right, Romaji name only.

Characters by Visual Appearance[edit]

UX Search[edit]

  • Results updated in real time

Group Cosplay[edit]

  • Results are based on series containing all matching characters.
  • Can request up to 15 characters match.
  • Searches only anime titles.

Mobile Search[edit]

  • Uses a grid, step by step method.
  • Searches only basic traits.
  • Mobile Results

Advanced Search[edit]

  • Giant form.
  • Allows searching characters based on Visual or Official traits.
  • Can also filter results based on a selection of media types.

Visual Search[edit]

  • A fun way to interact with selecting traits.

Epic Search[edit]

  • Another proof of concept
  • Describe the character in words, and it'll do a visual search

Other Search Tools[edit]

My Script Views[edit]

  • Use this to search PHP Script Names, Page Titles, Page Descriptions to find matching pages.


  • Search user names here
  • Can match ( left, right, left and right )