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The purpose of the sandbox is to allow a member to create a new title and begin adding characters to it. When they are finished a moderator can verify their work and merge it in with the database.

Member Guide

Introducing the sandbox. The default view :


Adding a Title

Clicking the New Title Action will bring up the following form :

  • Please use YYYY/MM/DD for the date
  • Please use the names as found on wikipedia
  • Please link to the official home page, or a credible links that lists all characters

Editing a Title

Once a title has been added, you can select it from your list to begin editing it. New actions buttons will become available in edit mode :


Adding a Character

Click the Character action to be taken to the upload form. Name and upload an image.

  • Images must be at least 200x200
  • Images larger than 1000x1000 will be resized to 1000x1000
  • Nudity will be deleted
  • Black and White images will be deleted

Next, click the Edit link for the character found here :


This will bring up a form for entering many details.

Removing a Character

  • Set the name to DELETE ME or PLEASE IGNORE
  • Currently, Titles are added, then characters are individually approved

Requesting Moderator Review

The #ACDB Help lounge is the best place to reach an admin. 
  • Provide a link to the title you would like approved
  • You must add some characters first
  • No characters, no approval

Moderator Guide

Approving a Title

  1. Select the title
  2. Click Edit
  3. Verify the details are correct and consistent with the database standards
  4. After the form there is a Add Title to Database button
  5. Click it to truly approve the title
  6. Next, each individual character will need to be opened in another tab using the edit button
  7. Verify the details are correct and consistent with the database standards
  8. Click the Add Character to DB link at the top