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(Adding a Character)
(Requesting Moderator Review)
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===Removing a Character===
===Removing a Character===
===Requesting Moderator Review===
===Requesting Moderator Review===
The [https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/lounge.php?channel_id=1319 #ACDB Help lounge] is the best place to reach an admin.
*Provide a link to the title you would like approved
*You must add some characters first
*No characters, no approval
==Moderator Guide==
==Moderator Guide==
===Adding a Title===
===Adding a Title===
===Approving a Title===
===Approving a Title===

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The purpose of the sandbox is to allow a member to create a new title and begin adding characters to it. When they are finished a moderator can verify their work and merge it in with the database.

Member Guide

Introducing the sandbox. The default view :


Adding a Title

Clicking the New Title Action will bring up the following form :

  • Please use YYYY/MM/DD for the date
  • Please use the names as found on wikipedia
  • Please link to the official home page, or a credible links that lists all characters

Editing a Title

Once a title has been added, you can select it from your list to begin editing it. New actions buttons will become available in edit mode :


Adding a Character

Click the Character action to be taken to the upload form. Name and upload an image.

  • Images must be at least 200x200
  • Images larger than 1000x1000 will be resized to 1000x1000
  • Nudity will be deleted
  • Black and White images will be deleted

Next, click the Edit link for the character found here :


This will bring up a form for entering many details.

Removing a Character

Requesting Moderator Review

The #ACDB Help lounge is the best place to reach an admin. 
  • Provide a link to the title you would like approved
  • You must add some characters first
  • No characters, no approval

Moderator Guide

Adding a Title

Approving a Title