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We're moving in the direction of Open Development. The idea is to encourage those who use Anime Characters Database to take an active role shaping the future of the site. All ideas at welcome.

I would like to enable people to submit ideas that can be put to a vote. A feature level survey could then be issued on the affected pages. Members and/or anonymous users would be given a week to vote in favor or against the idea. A positive response could mean the idea goes forward. A negative response could be addressed by revising the idea, or by testing small.


I would like to create new menus that make it easier to add characters and series to related features.

Adding Characters to...

Lists Waifu / Husbando Favorites Love / Hate Up / Down Character of the { Day / Week / Month }

Adding Series to...

Lists Favorites Watch / Don't Watch Watching / Watched / Plan to Watch Violence Rating Rating