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(Feature Level Background Images)
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===Feature Level Background Images===
===Feature Level Background Images===
*Allow members to submit images to be used
*If I use API images
*Moderate and select
*Could link to the character
*Would need to comb through images, mark ones suitable in size and dimension
#Switch from Guild_img to api_images
#Add character name and link under h1
#Create toolset to create pool of images to use
#Build pool of images

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I'll list what I'm working on here.

Development - Quick Fixes


  • Posted an Introduction Thread on Forum needs replacing

Edit Source

  • Edit Source needs input field style corrected

Development - Big Projects

The ideas listed here are projects I would like to work on. All of them require code. And many of them would benefit from your mockup examples of how the final form could look.

list-add.png Characters

  • Lists
    • New List
    • Select List
  • Waifu / Husbando
  • Favorites
    • Rating
  • Love / Hate
  • Up / Down
  • Character of the { Day / Week / Month }
  • Have Cosplayed / Seen Cosplayed / Want to Cosplay
  • Safe / Questionable / NSFW

list-add.png Series

  • Lists
    • New List
    • Select List
  • Favorites
  • Watch / Don't Watch
  • Watching / Watched / Plan to Watch
    • Rating
  • Violence Rating
  • Lock
  • Safe / Questionable / NSFW
  • Mark Completed
  • Adopt



  • Header image for each month
  • Button for day of week
  • Mini Buttons for selecting month
  • Form for selecting day/month
  • Means to filter down by day
  • Alternate forms
    • Titles
    • List
    • Monthly calendar

Tag Moderation


  • Would like to have a count after each tag indicating how many times it has been used. This would make it easier to approve commonly used tags, and spot brand new or hardly used tags.

Scrapper Protection

  • Move to a MySQL based IP block
    • Allow mods to add, remove, exempt
    • Clear it out daily
  • early detection and banning

Lounge Simplification and Promotion

  • Discord model ?
  • YouTube chat model?
  • IRC Model?
  • Facebook chat model?

Restructure Character Pages

  • At top, actions people may want to take
  • Followed by profile

Restructure Series Pages

  • At top, actions people may want to take
  • Followed by profile

Explore Characters In

  • Make This more accessible
  • Link from pages where it might be desired

Complete the Sandbox Project

  • Way to remove characters
  • Simplified list of titles with characters and not yet in the DB
  • Mod action Merge Title and Characters with DB
  • Improve organization .... TOC, and actions at top
  • Tile listing of characters or list

Card Essences

  • Allow buying these with Jewels
  • Allow rolling these for random cards
  • Proper Daily Caps


  • Update cert every 2.5 months

Feature Level Background Images

  • If I use API images
  • Could link to the character
  • Would need to comb through images, mark ones suitable in size and dimension
  1. Switch from Guild_img to api_images
  2. Add character name and link under h1
  3. Create toolset to create pool of images to use
  4. Build pool of images