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After demonstrating a pattern of quality contributions, you may be eligible for self-moderation powers. This allows you to skip the moderation queue, and add/update content at your own pace.

Adding a new Title

Only add a title you plan to add characters to. With one exception - adding titles for the upcoming season.

Always provide a date in the format YYYY/MM/DD, set the media type, enter a home page URL, english and japanese name, and studio. The home page is intended to be any place characters can be found to be added to the DB.

After adding a title you may want to add some genre tags. Assign the title to the current season ( Air Time tab ).

If the title extends an existing title, you may need to setup a Franchise.

Adding a title to a franchise

Adding Characters to a Title

Assigning a Voice Actor


Text Profiles

Anything longer than a sentence that seems to be about the character is OK. Source/citation is always a plus.

Reject anything that is off topic, flame, or a bit too personal.


Images should be of decent quality and feature the correct character. No nudity, no lewds, no black and white. When in doubt, REJECT!

Deleting a Character

Characters you add can be deleted by you for a short time after they are added. Older characters, and characters added by other mods may require Rei to delete them. Character ID's are reused.

Deleting a Series