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(No Assigned Characters)
(No Assigned Characters)
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==No Assigned Characters==
==No Assigned Characters==
Upload. Moderate. Or assign characters to these titles to resolve. Titles that go a month without characters may be [https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/deleted_publishers.php deleted by moderators]. Anime Tools -> Delete -> Confirm
Upload. Moderate. Or assign characters to these titles to resolve. Titles that go a month without characters may be [https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/deleted_publishers.php deleted by moderators]. Title -> Admin Tools -> Delete -> Confirm
==Series Missing Cover Image==
==Series Missing Cover Image==

Latest revision as of 04:32, 25 April 2021

Those interested in joining our moderation team need to speed at least a month using ACDB, be familiar with our rules and standards, and have a record of positive contributions to the site.

Card Sets Ready for Moderation[edit]

You can Publish sets that are of good quality. Sets that need work, please edit the title of the collection and add (mod note: ) Then update the status of the set to Work in Progress

Characters In Moderation Queue[edit]

This is a cap restricted power. Ask Rei if you are interested in self moderation or global moderation powers.

No Assigned Characters[edit]

Upload. Moderate. Or assign characters to these titles to resolve. Titles that go a month without characters may be deleted by moderators. Title -> Admin Tools -> Delete -> Confirm

Series Missing Cover Image[edit]

Character Changes[edit]

Changes that are correct and accurate should be approved. Changes that would be inconsistent with database standards should be rejected. In the case of circular changes, it may be best to Lock The Character. This can happen when one or more people strongly disagree on the gender of a character.

chinese is the character's aliases. mimikko is animal ears. r_sex is official gender, and all r_ are the official values. sex is the gender the character appears as. cv is the character voice. Before approving, please use the VA tool to assign the voice actor. Otherwise the CV just fills in that field but does not assign a VA.

Character Profiles[edit]

This code hasn't been touched in year. Profiles that match the character and are properly sourced can be approved. Any misuse of the feature is to be rejected. You can leave a note for the member with the moderation action.

Tags Waiting for Moderation[edit]

Mainly verify the tags to be added are in common use. Also check they are not removing tags with no good reason. Presently this is an all or nothing action. The list of tags pending moderation will replace all the tags currently on the character.

Source Changes[edit]

Bad Year Info[edit]

All titles must have a release date in the form of


When an exact date is not known, it is OK to enter the year only. Such as 2022/00/00 When no date is known, TBA can be used.

Broken Home Page Link[edit]

When a title gets added with a malformed or missing home page link, it'll be here. Add the home page or a suitable reference link ( ie wikipedia ) to resolve.

Total Extra Details[edit]

This represent a total count of all extra details. Extra detail moderation uses a different system. Everything is considered approved. Moderators need to delete garbage data, and optionally add it back correctly. Members with a history of submitting bad data can have their submission privileges revoked from their profile.


Someone found the assign characters feature! Verify that the character is being assigned correctly, or unassigned correctly. Generally speaking the title the character is being added to should be related to the title they are currently assigned to.


All moderators are welcome to help moderate images. The process with this tool is:

  1. Start by selecting either a Character or Member
  2. Delete duplicates and rule violations
  3. Approve the rest

Main things to delete:

  1. Nudity
  2. Fanart
  3. Duplicates
  4. Poor quality
  5. Does not contain correct character
  6. Contains many characters

Character Reports[edit]

Six Word Series[edit]

Six Word Character[edit]

Sandbox Titles[edit]



Moderation Tools
Link Links
Link Links
Link Links



Click Approve or Reject to moderate.


When moderating Images, I've done my best to provide Bulk tools. Images can be rejected by clicking dialog-error.png

The idea is to select a filter - either by user or by character - then remove all the images that are unacceptable - then click the Approve All button at the top.



It is best to moderate images by character ID, as you can at least confirm the image was assigned to the correct character.

  • reject duplicates
  • reject under 200 and low quality images.
  • no NSFW images
  • image must be of the character
  • no fan art

The main image may appear in the list needing approval - just approve it.

If by chance someone is approved by mistake, you will need a link like photo.php?type_id=1&imgid=102249 to delete it.


Character Assignments
Character Changes
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Login Failures
Character Moderation Log
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