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Administrators are now possible to grant to members that contribute positively for both the community and to keep good quality content in the website some moderation powers.

What is allowed?

At the moment, moderators can grant members 6 types of powers:

  • Adding titles
  • Add characters
  • Editing characters
  • Editing titles
  • Linking assignments
  • Assigning VAs

While members with accounts are allowed to use some aspects of editing, they're not as definitive as full moderation powers. With the new granting system, these very selected members will have certain moderation level powers without having to go through the adminitration approval.

Who can grant these powers?

Administrators and Rei.

Don't beg for this if you don't have a score of good contributions beforehand. If you want powers, be nice, read this guide and contribute positively to the community and the content. We'll be happy to have you on the way to becoming one of the team!

Administrators guide to granting powers

You can grant powers by accessing the member's profile. Under the "Edit Account Privileges" section you can pick the desired access to grant.


By giving someone "Add Title", it will allow them to use mktitle.php, aka the moderation tool for adding new titles, skipping the sandbox process. "Edit Characters" will unlock all features on editc.php.

"Edit Titles" will unlock editsource.php, while the "Show Admin Tools" menu on source.php to allow linking titles

Assignments will unlock masterassignmenteditor and Character Assign

"Assign VA" will unlock all moderator tools on va.php.