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With only one active developer, there is a lot of ACDB to maintain. I need your help spotting problems.

To Activate the Report system, look for the *Bug? Mistake? Let us know!* in red, just below the header. This will pull up a simple input dialog where you can describe the issue and submit your report.

The limits are :

* Must write at least 10 letters
* Report length is capped at 4096 letters
* Anonymous reports must pass our L.A.M.E. filter
* Member reports will get +1 priority 
* Polite reports will get a +10 priority
* Members may view all reports by their account
* Anonymous users may view all reports by their IP
* Admins can view all reports
* Admins can comment on reports
* Admins can close reports
* Report poster can edit their report at any time, from the page it was posted on

View Your Reports Here

Submitting a Report


Admin View of Reports