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Now recruiting Content Maintainers !!!

Content Maintainers

If you are interested in doing your own thing and not having to wait for approval, you can apply for self moderator status.

Do we have all the anime for a given year? All the anime for a given season? All the visual novels released in a given month? For a voice actress, do we have her in the database and assigned to each character she voiced? Do we have all the characters listed on the home page of an anime series? Do we have all the characters listed on the product description of a VN? Have characters from an earlier season been properly assigned to the newest season?

Content Maintainers have a mission to add characters and as much detail as possible.

If you're interested in helping out, please let me know!

Requirements to Become a Moderator

  • Have reached at least Third Year Cadet Rank
  • Been a member for over 1 month
  • Online consistently ( daily, or weekends )

Contact Rei

Shoot me a message, and let's work together! ^_^