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First, thank you! I am grateful to everyone wanting to help make Anime Characters Database a better website.

I realize the challenge I have is coming up with specific tasks people can browse, and hopefully find one they can do, and feel like their effort was appreciated and will be put to good use once completed.

My focus right now is on polishing up the site.

  • What features are useful, how can they be made better?
  • What features are useless, can they be made useful or should they be retired?

What is the core of the site?

  • Visual Search
  • Characters
  • Titles
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Card Collecting
  • Waifu and Husbando
  • Quotes

A Better Layout

Taking the information on a given page, and reorganizing it to be easy to navigate, simple to understand, and frustration free.

If you can make a mockup of a new layout for a given feature, we can put it to a vote.

Background Images

I need help building a collection of background images. Have a look at to see where they could be used.

We could use specific background images as well as generic background images.

Content Moderators

We are in need of moderators who can approve and reject submitted content.

Content Maintainers

If you are interested in doing your own thing and not having to wait for approval, you can apply for self moderator status.

Contact Rei

Shoot me a message, and let's work together! ^_^