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Guild Coin Help

  • These rules can change at any time
  • Every member has 100 Guild coins to invest in the Guilds of their choice
  • Due to recent scammers, new members's Guild Coins will be available at Guild Rank First Year Cadet aka you have logged in for 10 days.
  • The only way to get more Guild Coins by donating to ACDB
  • You can create a guild or join any number of Guilds and invest form 1 to 100 coins
  • While any guild may bid on character, only Public Guilds may own characters
  • Private Guilds may not own characters
  • Guild Owners and Guild Admins can use invested coins to bid on characters
  • This highest bidding Guild will own the character
  • In the case of duplicate bid, the first guild owns the character
  • Members can withdraw their investments from guilds using this page
  • Guild Admins can cancel their bids on characters to make a larger bid or bid on another character
  • Placing a new bid on a character will auto-cancel any existing bids you have on that character
  • Owned Characters Listing
  • Guild War Chests
Guild Coins