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Members can collect cards in a variety of ways. Trading, treasure hunting, lounge mini game, card packs, adding the first 10 characters to a title.


You should always start with The lounge in Server Tab where you can type the message .cardpack to receive 3 random cards. Due to the fact you can delete lounge messages, and I am not motivated to spend the effort tracking how cards are acquired, .cardpack will not give you any cards if you have already collected 3 today.


Each treasure chest has a chance of containing a card. However! The first 15 minutes of every hour will have a 100% chance of containing a card. Indicated by the 1-542832316.png treasure icon.

Card Packs

By following the link to your card collection you can click on any card there to pull up the option to buy a card pack. Look for the awkwardly placed button ...


Limit of 5 card packs per day!


There is a market place for buying and selling cards.


And finally, the bounty board! Add characters to those titles and you will get cards as the characters are approved.


Essence Extractor

Duplicate cards can be converted into Card Essences. Unlike cards which are capped at 10,000 per member, you can have an unlimited number of card essences. These can be rolled for a chance at a random card of the same rarity. They can also be used to craft gift's for your waifu/husbando characters.


First, you need to convert duplicate to essences are in bulk, or per card. To do it in bulk, click the Extract All button. To do individually, follow the Convert 4 copies into F Essences link. You can then roll those essences for a chance at a random card :


Or the option to enter gift mode with a waifu and craft a gift with the gift.


Waifu Listing then click gift.png


Recent Cards and stats
Essence Extractor